Recommendations For Christopher

Managing Director

Derrick Consulting Pty Ltd

“For over 3 years (between 2004 to 2007) I had the pleasure of working with Chris in a number of situations. Throughout this time, I was always impressed with Chris’s capacity to effectively deal with complex issues in time-pressured situations in a clear, structured and focused manner to ultimately drive the best outcomes for the business. Apart from a great knowledge of systems and processes, Chris is able to engage those around him to deliver results, and influence all levels of the business. I found that Chris takes the time to understand the business implications and devise solutions which satisfy the requirements of the key stakeholders. Consequently, he readily integrates the organisational, people, sytems and strategic drivers that contribute to quality solutions. It is a privileage to recommend Chris, as a Project Manager/ Consultant, to any organisation embarking on a systems-based project which links people, technology and business outcomes.”
August 28, 2007

Top qualities:

Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Myra G.,

hired Christopher as a
Project Manager
in 2004, and hired Christopher more than once

“Chris provided consulting services to MXL to assist with some HR restructuring we were doing. His work was first rate, insightful, thought provoking and illuminating.”
July 18, 2007

Richard B.,

was with another company when working with Christopher at Derrick Consulting Pty Ltd

“Christopher undertook several roles whilst at Coates, the majority of his work was centred around the HRIS, where significant improvements were made by Christopher (Project Manager) and the project team. I have always found Christopher to be professional, results driven, and committed to achieving and meeting deadlines. Recently, Christopher and the project team delivered a major project on time and under budget which was applauded by many. Christopher’s dedication to the project coupled with his commercial acumen attributed to the success of the project. I would recommend Christopher to anyone requiring a proactive project manager who can competently achieve project outcomes within expected timeframes.”
July 9, 2007

Patricia D.,

HR Manager, Coates
worked directly with Christopher at Derrick Consulting Pty Ltd

Polaris Implementation Project Manager

Johnson & Johnson

“Christopher was a pleasure working with on the Polaris project. He brought great strength and willingness to gather data when requested. Christopher also was timely with all his tasks and establish great relationship with the payoll contact. Thanks CJ for all your hard work.”
January 29, 2010

Carla P.,

Project Lead, Johnson & Johnson
worked with Christopher at Johnson & Johnson

“Chris was critical to engaging the non-Wave A payroll country contacts’ participation in the Polaris project in APAC. The team was able to leverage the relationships that he had built with those contacts through his work with GHRT and direct them towards the goals and objectives of the Polaris project. He continues to be a key organizer and communicator to the APAC Wave B and C payroll community in matters of Global Mobility issues. Chris has a talent for collaboration and bringing the team together to focus and address on common objectives.”
January 5, 2010

Wayne R.,

Manager, BearingPoint
was with another company when working with Christopher at Johnson & Johnson

Senior Consultant

Quay IT

“I have worked with Chris both as a supplier to him and as an employer of him. Chris has demonstrated great stakeholder management, team leadership and drive for results. I woudl recommend Chris”
December 14, 2009

Top qualities:

Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Michael B.,

hired Christopher as a
IT Consultant
in 2008

Hire to Retire Project Manager


“Chris is an excellent Project Manager and I would highly recommend him especially in the Time and Attendance Payroll area.”
October 13, 2008


Project Leade, Qantas Airways Limited
reported to Christopher at Qantas

“Christopher was a supporter leader and great mentor to the team. He always provided clear direction which allowed the team to focus on the desired outcomes with clarity.”
September 1, 2008

Anita B.,

Manager, Change & Communications, Qantas Airlines
reported to Christopher at Qantas

eQ Workforce Management Project – IT Project Manager


“Having worked with Chris during the Workforce Management project that involved Oracle, Infor and Qantas teams I would have no hesitation in working with or recommending Chris for any prospective employer. Chris was an “excellent” leader and through his natural style of leadership showed great work ethic, team management and project management skills, in what can be only described as an extremely challenging environment.”
December 17, 2008

Steve H.,

Data Integration and Interface Stream Lead, eQ WFM, Qantas
worked directly with Christopher at Qantas

“I represented the Infor (Workbrain) component of the EQWFM project at Qantas reporting directly to Chris. I found Chris to be pragmatic, professional and approachable having a good rapport with the team and stakeholders”
August 20, 2008

Michael B.,

Project Manager, Qantas eQWFM, Infor Global Solutions, Epiphany Practice
was a consultant or contractor to Christopher at Qantas

Project Manager

Coates Hire

“I worked with Chris Derrick in 2006, on a successful implementation of a T&A system at Coates Hire. I found Chris to be a great team manager and an excellent project manager. I would highly recommed his work.”
January 30, 2009

Kathy A.,

Application Consultant, Kronos Australia
was with another company when working with Christopher at Coates Hire

“Worked closely with Chris over a 16 month period from solution evaluation through to implementation and beyond. A professional I would not hesitate to recommend.”
July 29, 2007

Andrew D.,

Business Development Manager, Kronos Australia
was a consultant or contractor to Christopher at Coates Hire

“Christopher has great in-depth knowledge of Oracle HRMS & Payroll applications together with Project management skills to achieve an agreed outcome for both business and customer”
July 18, 2007

Top qualities:

Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Mark M.,

hired Christopher as a
Business Consultant
in 2003

“I worked with Chirs as the Kronos Project Manager on the successfull Coates Hire implementation. Chris was detail focused and had good domain experience.”
July 9, 2007

Jarrod M.,

Consulting Manager, Kronos
worked directly with Christopher at Coates Hire

“Chris managed the implementation of our software product as part of a larger project. He had a excellent understanding of how to make the project a success and enabled the people around him to do what they needed to achieve this, without adding unnecessary overheads. Great personal and professional relationships with those on the project.”
July 9, 2007

Paul A.,

Product Manager, Obsidium
was a consultant or contractor to Christopher at Coates Hire

“Chris was the project leader for a large multi stream ERP project called Project Trident, of which I was implementation support and head trainer for one such stream. Chris provided the strength and organisation from the top needed to complete such projects on time and on budget. In projects of comparable size cohesiveness can be lacking and some streams can be left behind and forgotten, this was not the case with Chris keeping tabs on every stream and making sure we were all aware of each others progress and what needed to be done. If I needed resources or things done within the organisation Chris made it happen promptly and was well liked and respected by all contractors and staff involved. Obsidium Workspace Solutions recommends Chris to any organisation requiring premium project management skills and looks forward to working with him again in the future.”
July 8, 2007

Brett D.,

Client Support Manager Australia, Obsidium Workspace Solutions
was with another company when working with Christopher at Coates Hire