HR Consulting

HR Consulting – providing strategic HR advice for your organisation.

Dealing with Human Resources everyday you would be aware of the complexities that can occur in relation to recruitment, advice, organisational change, not to mention defining culture and leadership as well as mentoring.

At Derrick Consulting we aim to help you succeed in each of crucial areas to make your business a profitable success.

Organisational Change – Managing the intricacy of organisational change, Derrick Consulting can pin point the steps and key drivers you require and mark out potential milestones in order to alleviate the pain or organisational change. We can make your HR change a successful experience for all involved.

Cultural and leadership coaching/mentoring – Derrick Consulting will work alongside you and your organisation to help both you and your team reach their maximum potential.

We offer a mentoring program with strategic advice for your organisation. Working alongside the CEO and Directors of your organisation we will help define the vision and strategic steps forward to help your organisation grow